How to Take a Great Fitness Photo

How to Take a Great Fitness Photo

Fitness is a significant part of your life. You look forward to daily workouts and sculpting your best self. But when it comes to snapping gym photos, you aren’t exactly an expert. Keep reading for tips fromMen’s Health.

  1. Choose the right camera - It used to be that all smartphone cameras were low-quality. But in the last few years, things have changed for the better. Granted, digital cameras are still your best bet for the perfect shot. But when you’re at the gym, you probably don’t have any other choices (unless you really want to freak people out with a giant tripod). Keep in mind that the closer you are, the more distorted the picture will be. Photographer Beth Bischoff goes on to say that with distorted gym photos, you’re probably going to look heavier, which is the last thing you want. So be extra careful to avoid extending your arm out when getting your picture.
  2. Watch the light- Are you planning to take your picture outdoors? Then having the right light is critical. Bischoff mentions that “taking a photo outdoors about an hour before the sun goes down is always the best because the light is lower.” Now, what about getting a fitness photo inside? In a perfect world, you want the light source to hit you as evenly as possible. If you have a gym buddy, see if they will take the photo for you.
  3. Get the right angle - It goes without saying that you want to highlight your best features. Maybe you want the focal point to be your biceps or abs. Bischoff advises turning to the side, away from the light source. She goes on to say that “Hollywood light” (up and to the side) is the most flattering angle. Though straight on light tends to be the most convenient for you, it’s likely to flatten out muscles in the shot.
  4. Look natural - This is where fitness photos usually go wrong. It’s impossible to count the number of ridiculous gym selfies on social media. Expressions are certainly important with fitness photos, but as Bischoff explains, don’t try too hard. Our best piece of advice here is to smile naturally and keep it real.
  5. Take photos from several different angles - This goes for taking pictures of all kinds, not just fitness ones. If you’re using a smartphone, there’s no need to worry about wasting film. Make it a point to take shots at different angles so you have a myriad of options to choose from. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion either.

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