Things to Do With Our Magnetic Smartphone Mount

Things to Do With Our Magnetic Smartphone Mount

You seek out new adventures on a regular basis and share them on social media. Recently, though, you’ve become frustrated with bulky selfie sticks and tripods. The playback equipment you were once so excited about is now giving you fits. Imagine being able to mount your phone almost anywhere. It’s possible now thanks to the ShowOff Super Mount. “What the heck is a ShowOff,” you might be wondering? Simply put, it’s a must-have device for adrenaline junkies and those who get the most out of life. Here’s how it works: The ShowOff comes with an all-new anti-slip, nanotechnology that allows you to mount your smartphone to any smooth surface. What you’ll really appreciate is that this mobile phone mount comes with a Bluetooth remote so that you can take hands-free pictures up to 30 feet away.

We want to help you get the most out of your magnetic mount phone holder. Here are five things to do with the ShowOff Super Mount:

  1. Go for a ride on your motorcycle - Nothing beats a cruise on your motorcycle. The only way to make it an even more enjoyable experience is by adding the ShowOff. Our magnetic mobile phone holder features anti-slip and anti-scuff pads to ensure your device doesn’t slip or scratch the tank. Pretty cool, right? If you choose to use our magnetic smartphone mount on your motorcycle, please be sure to ride safely. The ShowOff is intended to only be used when you are safely stopped or wearing a Bluetooth helmet. Remember to always have your eyes on the road!
  2. Head to the golf course - The next time you book a tee time, be sure to have your smartphone mount handy. With the ShowOff, you can mount your phone to the cart and navigate each hole with ease. That nasty par 5 is no match when you have your own handheld caddy in the ShowOff! Would you consider yourself more of a casual golfer? Take advantage of the Bluetooth remote and get some pictures with your buddies.
  3. Hit the gym - Love taking fitness photos? The ShowOff transforms your smartphone into a personal photographer or videographer in seconds. You can be on your way to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in the time it takes you to mix your pre-workout drink. Say goodbye to lame gym selfies and low-quality fitness videos.
  4. Go off-roading - Now you can instantly share your adventures from the trail. Once you mount your smartphone to the side of the rig, you’re ready to go. Best of all, there are no hours wasted on playback and editing. Simply post your videos once you’re back in cell service. See how much more fun wheeling can be with the ShowOff!
  5. Take some selfies - Why purchase a selfie stick if you aren’t going to use it all that often? We promise that once you try this magnetic smartphone mount, you will use it every day. The ShowOff is the easiest and fastest way to share amazing pictures and videos. Don’t forget about the Bluetooth remote, either!

You deserve a magnetic phone mount that will capture every second of your active lifestyle. Get your ShowOff today!

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