Our Proposal of a Joint Venture

ShowOff Super Mount meets Photobucket Gif App 

We are tremendously excited for this opportunity for Photobucket and The ShowOff Super Mount to partner! By combining the Photobucket GIF app with The ShowOff Super Mount product, consumers will be able to take advantage of a unique opportunity to immediately convert photos and videos shot using their ShowOff Super Mount into instantly shareable GIF videos that are entertaining and eye-catching.


Photobucket will provide the stand-alone GIF app that can convert GIFs to video files That users can instantly share to Facebook and Instagram. The ShowOff Super Mount team will encourage not only the use of the Photobucket app, but will also provide consumers the option to save pictures and videos to Photobucket in order to take advantage of the many product offerings available through the app and the full website.


There is no better way to create an organic buzz on social media surrounding Photobucket and The ShowOff Super Mount. Using Photobucket’s social platforms from Facebook to push notifications in the app, the app will provide and offer fun content to keep users entertained. Not only will Photobucket customers get fun and entertaining content through the app, but more users will engage; therefore, allowing the network to grow organically through likes, shares and word-of-mouth.

Bottom line

Any ShowOff Super Mount that is sold through these avenues will provide a shared revenue stream for Photobucket.

  • Cost of 1 ShowOff Super Mount: $29.99
  • Hard cost (The ShowOff Super Mount + Packing and Shipping to the customer): $10 Profit: $20
  • Reinvestment amount per sale: $10 (Marketing the campaign)
  • Remaining profit to be split between Photobucket and The ShowOff Super Mount: $10/2 = $5 each per sale.

. We are super excited about the possibilities

 With Photobucket and The ShowOff Super Mount together, and we look forward to hearing back from you.Take a look at the landing page link below.

A $50 VALUE FOR ONLY $39.99