*Do magnets hurt your phone?

No. Back in the day with old LCD screen phones and older technology, magnets could mess with your phone. Now, use of small magnets on and around your phone are totally fine; hence, why you see tons of magnetic cases and mounting devices these days.


*Does The ShowOff work with a case?

Heck yes! You can attach the metal stickers directly to the back of your phone if your case is thin enough. Otherwise, you can place the metal stickers on the back of your case instead of directly on your phone. *The ShowOff works with most cases.

*Does The ShowOff work without a case?

Yes - even better actually! The Show Off works great without a case. Simply place the metal stickers to the back of your phone, and voila! You are ready to use your Show Off.

*Is the bluetooth remote capable with my phone?

Yep. Bluetooth remotes are compatible with iOS & Android phones – I mean, what else is there?

*Does the remote come with a battery?

Of course! We want you to be able to use your ShowOff magnetic mount phone holder right away!

*Does The ShowOff have a warranty?

Yes… We want to make you happy!

*What are the terms and conditions?

Here is the boring legal part

*What is the company's privacy policy?

Ya, we need to have some privacy too...

A $50 VALUE FOR ONLY $39.99