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Hiking, biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, sky-diving, etc.

These are just of the few reasons why I invented The ShowOff Super Mount. My name is Josh and I am an adrenaline junkie. I am constantly doing something that should be caught on film, but the devices I was accustomed to using were just too cumbersome. Playback was never easy, editing was always a pain, and keeping track of chargers, cords, and memory sticks was not my strong suit. I needed an easy way to use my phone the same way I would typically use a body-cam, which is how The ShowOff Super Mount was born. The universal smartphone mount originally allowed me to attach my phone to my clothing, motorcycle tank, ATV bumper - you name it - so that I could easily take pictures or film of the crazy stunts I was pulling. Then I realized that The ShowOff Super Mount has many more practical and everyday uses as well. Use it for navigating with GPS in the car, snapping selfies without needing a bulky selfie-stick, streamlining your workday by making your phone easily accessible. The possibilities truly became endless!

The ShowOff super mount 

The ShowOff Super Mount was born in Denver, CO and we started selling our first ShowOff Kits in November of 2016. Through the support of friends, family and local adrenaline junkies like myself, we have been able to take The Show Off around the world to spread the word about our product. Our unique design is sleek and thin, while still being comprised of magnets strong enough to mount your phone to just about any surface, in any situation. From four-wheeling through the deserts of Utah to bungee jumping in Australia, The ShowOff has really seen it all - and has allowed me to capture unforgettable moments that otherwise would have been forgotten.

Are You Ready To ShowOff Your Life?


The most versatile phone mount on the market. It fits most smartphone creating a Personal Photographer, Body cam, Dash cam, & more in seconds. This allows you to mount your phone virtually anywhere. The ShowOff also comes with a bluetooth remote allowing you to take pictures and video hands-free! 

A $50 VALUE FOR ONLY $39.99