Top Spots for Adrenaline Junkies

Top Spots for Adrenaline Junkies

Nothing compares to looking down from the top of a mountain. Your hands are clammy and your stomach is in a knot. Adrenaline junkies know what we’re talking about. Not a fan of skiing, snowboarding, or hiking? Then maybe scuba diving or water skiing pique your interest more. Whatever the case, you live an active lifestyle like nobody else. Now is the perfect time to plan that next unbelievable adventure. Here are the top 10 destinations for thrill seekers, as referenced fromBuzzFeed:

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  1. Base jumping off Kjerag Mountain in Norway - Kjerag Mountain towers above other area peaks. If you’ve done base jumping before and want an out-of-this-world view while doing so, this has your name all over it.
  2. Cliff diving at the La Quebrada Cliffs in Mexico - Do you flirt with insanity when you need a thrill? At La Quebrada Cliffs, the timing of a jump is the difference between life and death since the waves below swell to a safe depth for a mere five seconds.
  3. The Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi - The world’s fastest roller coaster certainly lives up to the hype, reaching a speed of 150 miles per hour at one point. It goes without saying to not ride the Formula Rossa on a full stomach.
  4. The Zorb Rotorua in New Zealand - What the heck is Zorbing? There’s a good chance you’ve seen videos of it before. Zorbing involves rolling downhill inside an orb made of transparent plastic. Imagine feeling completely weightless while bouncing your way down a hill.
  5. Whitewater rafting in Chile - By no means is this route for beginners. After all, there’s even a stretch called “The Throne Room’ while the hardest rapid is dubbed “The Terminator.”
  6. Hang gliding in Brazil- Picture it now: flying like a bird at speeds up to 65 miles per; hour while taking in the scenic views of jaw-dropping mountains and beaches.
  7. Skydiving in Nepal - We think it would be fun to skydive over the highest peak in the world. Don’t you? One piece of advice though before you start planning your trip: this adventure is offered only four times a year.
  8. Rock climb in Ogawayama - This isn’t quite the ordinary rock climb. Since the rock face in Ogawayama offers over a thousand climbing trails, it’s an experience like none other.
  9. Volcano boarding in Nicaragua - Hikers are in for a treat after the 45-minute trek to the peak of Cerro Negro, an active volcano just outside of Leon. Once you get to the peak, strap yourself in and slide down the volcanic hill!
  10. Heliskiing- Think of heliskiing as downhill skiing on steroids. With heliskiing, you’re able to access higher parts of mountains that are only reachable by, you guessed, it, a helicopter.

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